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The training of defence lawyers with special regard to European criminal law has gained more and more importance over the years. This is not only due to the rising number of measures regarding European instruments of mutual recognition and cooperation in criminal matters like the EAW and the EIO, but also to those instruments being applied in a common manner, which, in turn, is resulting in rising numbers of cases in which such instruments are part of the proceedings.

Hence, this project sets out

  • To train ca. 500 defence lawyers from all over the EU by organising 15 interactive and practical legal training activities on EU criminal law matters
  • To raise awareness of European criminal law amongst defence lawyers in the EU, leading to better application of EU criminal law and a better understanding of national differences
  • To enhance mutual trust through providing networking opportunities for defence lawyers
  • To provide a platform for discussion on the need for further EU measures in the area of criminal law.

Co-funded by the European Union